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Testing Vocabulary Bingo Game




Taking assessment tests has become important in measuring the academic growth of a student.  For many students, some of the vocabulary testing words make it difficult for them to understand exactly what is being asked of them.  This Testing Vocabulary Bingo game gives students the opportunity to practice learning 23 different testing vocabulary words found in many assessments as well as 4  alternative word(s) or phrases for each testing vocabulary word.  




• 35 individual bingo cards (classroom set)


• 92 total alternative vocabulary word(s) to call off during the bingo game


• Game Directions and Suggestions


• Testing Vocabulary BINGO Answers Handout (a copy for each student)


• Testing Vocabulary Answer Key has four synonyms or alternative words that a student could replace with the testing vocabulary.  The alternative word(s) are simply common word(s) that students have already heard or can be easily remembered.


• The goal is for students to remember as many of the alternative word(s), or phrases for each testing vocabulary word.


• This game can be played at home or in the classroom as a way to build a student’s vocabulary in a fun and interesting way.

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