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70 Common Phonemic Sounds Digital Download


Listen to the demo:


This Supplemental Educational CD contains 70 individual tracks of the most common phonemic sounds found in the English Language.  These sounds include: short and long vowel sounds, consonant sounds, consonant blend sounds, consonant digraph sounds, “r” controlled vowel sounds, and diphthong sounds.  This product is aligned to meet the Common Core Standards for grades K-3.  Introduce these sounds to children 2 years or older.




This CD can be used for the following:                                   


*Pre and post test on the different spellings of phonemic sounds                           


*Create  individualized playlists for a student or an entire class                  


*Press the random button when playing to add excitement and keep students interested in the lesson    


*After students have started to master the spellings for each sound, an extended lesson could have students write down as many words in 30 sec, 1 min, etc. that have the same specific sound in it. Just press pause on the listening device to give the students the needed time to complete their list.   


*Create silly sentences with as many words that contain a given sound.  An example sentence using the “ch” sound: “The chilly chimp perched himself on the branch and checked his watch after lunch.”        


*Great for any student who needs to be introduced or reintroduced to their phonemic sounds


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