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jewellery care

A few hints to keep jewellery looking good:


All jewellery needs some tender love and care


Jewellery should be cleaned with a very soft lint free cloth.


Take jewellery off when washing dishes, washing your hands, showering, or are in contact with any type of soap or chemicals.


Keep your jewellery away from direct sunlight.


Avoid spraying your favourite perfume on your jewellery.


It is recommended to put on your jewellery after applying perfume, hand cream or hair spray.


Venetian glass jewellery contains 24 ct gold leaf, which is placed on the outside of some of the jewellery and inside in other pieces. Avoid rubbing at the 24ct gold finish.


Swarovski crystals should be polished gently with a soft cloth to retain their sparkle and lustrous shine. Don't  soak the crystals in water and keep away from all chemicals and avoid hard contact ie: knocking against hard objects which could chip or scratch the crystals.


The more TLC you give your jewellery the longer you will be able to enjoy it.


But most of all wear and enjoy and show off your fabulous jewellery!!

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