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Open The Door

To your jewellery destination for

Glitz and glamour and Bohemian beach chic.

open the door and step inside...

Jewellery Island is different from other online jewellery stores. Once you enter Jewellery Island you will have access to your own private shopping hideaway, with access to vibrant and dazzling jewellery, smart chic, eclectic, bohemian beach, Hollywood glam and vintage styles.


We value individuality and style, therefore we don't stock Jewellery Island with multiple quantities or multiple styles of the same jewellery. We offer eclectic jewellery, a bit of everything which makes Jewellery Island an exciting and diverse place to shop including preloved vibrant vintage styles.


Prices start from just $5. Why spend a fortune to look gorgeous when you simply don't have to! If you see something you just have to have, then get in quick because it probably won't last long. 


Australian based, our range of jewellery is inspired by creative jewellery designers, artists and exclusive fashion houses from around the world. We are able to track down those limited and one off styles and fabulous vintage and preloved styles. 


So get comfortable, find a spot in the sun or a cool seat under a palm tree, grab a drink and have fun exploring Jewellery Island.

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