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blue sky day

Blue Sky Day is a unique sale day which Jewellery Island holds during each month, it's a  special event for 24 hours for all customer offers. 


That's right! you name your price for the piece of jewellery on offer for Blue Sky Day which will be available to be bid on. 


If Jewellery Island likes your price then it's yours. (please refer to terms and conditions for Blue Sky Day). There will be one particular piece of jewellery revealed on Blue Sky Day and it will be on offer for customers to bid on during Blue Sky Day. 


If Jewellery Island accepts your bid on that piece of jewellery, then that piece is yours!  Blue Sky Day is a special shopping day held on Blue Sky Day during various days throughout the month.


So check the Blue Sky Day dates and what is on offer, but be quick! because the sand can get hot when everyone rushes in to grab a great bargain!


Place your bids! Don't miss out on the great bargain on Blue Sky Day! Jump for Blue Sky Day!

Place your Blue Sky bids now and email your bids to

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