“I was delighted to complete this program and achieve my certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. I've learned a lot, and was happy that I could make practical use of what I learned on a project at work as well.  Your team has been fantastic in supporting me and my colleagues throughout the course… I can now say, with confidence, that it was a “six sigma” experience for me.” 


Mark M, Business Operations Manager, Semi-Conductor 

“Thank you for all of the support throughout the course and the follow up Certification.  Our customers are now benefiting from our newly acquired knowledge and I am sure more good things are to come.  We look forward to staying in touch with you and the rest of the alumni and tapping into the global network on a regular basis.”


Linda H, Healthcare Consulting


“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your instruction and guidance throughout the course.  This is, by far, the best learning experience I have had in many, many years.  The quality of instruction, the flexibility of the schedule, the ability to collaborate with a global team, the pace and depth of knowledge, the ease of use and access… It all added up to a great experience and I am glad I chose RPM as my partner for this journey.”


James M, Quality Consultant

“It was a pleasure working through the RPM program and being part of the LEAN training.  I find I am now questioning most processes in the lab and trying to make them leaner.  Choosing RPM-Academy was the best decision I could have made and you will be seeing me again!”


Justine F, Administrator


“Thank you!  I really appreciated all the support and encouragement I received throughout the course.  You are a great company and I’ll continue to promote you as the best.”


Gabriela P, Hospital Director

“You really opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and solving business issues. For that – I will be eternally thankful. I look forward to being an active RPM alumni member for life.  My learning path continues...”


Reza H, PMP, Project Management Services

“Thank you <RPM> for your wisdom and leadership in guiding our team to the finish line.  This has been a fantastic experience and the virtual classroom was definitely the right choice… We will be back for more!”


Sandie S, Quality Consulting

“This has been an excellent learning opportunity and I know that I will continue to use the concepts, tools and methods I’ve learned in this program both here at work and in my personal life.  This has been a game-changer for me and a great investment!”


Robin H, Clinical Leader

“I recently completed my Certification at RPM and the program was excellent… the technology was superb, the content well-organized and appropriately paced, and extremely relevant to my needs and expectations.  This was a worthwhile and enjoyable course - I am already applying the skills that I learned!”


Brian G, Lawyer

“It was a delight working with my RPM program coach who walked me through the process of getting certified and provided valuable insights that helped me achieve my goal.  The customer service team was also a great resource that was always available to provide clarification. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey.  Thank you!”


Ria U, MA, PMP, Office Manager

“Working towards attaining my certification has been an excellent experience.  This has been a great program and I want to express my thanks and gratitude to both of my RPM mentors/teachers… Working with them was both an honour and a privilege as they shared their knowledge and experiences which made the material easier to understand and apply to real world situations.”


Peter P, Project Manager

“I can’t thank you enough for your time and for sharing so much of your knowledge with us.  Your workshop was wildly successful and appreciated by the conference delegates.  Some of their comments… well organized and excellent topics, informative and involved I walked away from his forum with a much better understanding, pertinent and engaging, exceeded expectations.”


Catherine M, Not For Profit Organization