RPM-Academy: offers you a truly unique virtual learning experience by bringing the world to your classroom. Our global learning platform offers a live, real-time environment for both professionals and individuals to collaborate, learn from each, and achieve Certification in well-recognized

professional designations as well as general competency in a wide range of life skills and disciplines.  


Today’s adult learners struggle to secure the time necessary to acquire the knowledge that allows them to stay at the top of their game

and opens doors to new career options and address real-world challenges. Traditional training models are poorly designed, typically

burdening the student with large amounts of content that is delivered over a relatively compressed schedule, completely ignoring

the student’s needs in terms of time, capacity and appetite.  


RPM-Academy’s virtual classroom provides you with a unique learning experience with programs designed to meet all of your needs, both personal and professional.


RPM-Academy is committed to providing high-value  and high-impact education, training and coaching to professionals by leveraging

best in class technologies that deliver a seamless virtual classroom experience, linking the student to a global network of world-class

instructors and facilitators.

Our Mission