Global Reach! Our global learning platform offers a live, real-time environment for both professionals and individuals to collaborate,

learn from each, and achieve Certification in well-recognized professional designations as well as general competency in a wide range

of life skills and disciplines. Once registered for a course, you will receive a welcome package, registration code to access the RPM

Virtual Academy, course materials as well as suggestions and tips to enhance your learning experience.




Our “blended” curriculum allows students to leverage credit from past courses to seamlessly transition andupgrade from one program to another depending on changing needs and long-term life learning goals.



All courses are delivered in convenient modules with independent learning assignments to be completed between

classroomsessions. This schedule helps to minimize the impact on your work day and personal schedule. Overall, a modest

investment of your time with maximum associated benefits. 




Our Virtual structure allows us to deliver a high-value learning experience at prices that are the best in the market... significantly

lower than what you would be required to pay for similar programs elsewhere while still achieving the highest level of quality and service.




As a student and alumni, you can optionally access RPM-Academy faculty for support with one-on-one coaching and tutoring on an

as-required basis.




PC-based Users: Win 8, Win 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera.


Mac-based Users MAC OS® 10.6 or above Browser: Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome. Java enabled with Java SE 6 or Oracle Java 6 or 7.


iPhone and iPad Users: iOS 6.0 or above with iPhone 4, 4S, 5C or 5S, iPad – all models.


Android Users: All phones and tablets running Android version 2.3 or higher.


Internet Connection: A reliable Internet connection is required with a cable modem. DSL or better is recommended.


Hardware: Headphones and Microphones Headphones or speakers and a microphone are required. A USB headset is recommended.



Live Video: A web camera is required for (optional) live video. 


Handwriting: A digital tablet or a supported tablet computer (for example a Tablet PC) is recommended for easier drawing or handwriting.