My session with Noam was truly life changing. Feeling stuck with fears, limiting beliefs and not knowing the root causes, all ended after my QHHT experience. 


The past life regression felt so real, I could feel every emotion. Going back to that lifetime was important for the release of a life long fear I didn't know I had. After that, I connected to higher consciousness, an experience I can't describe in words. Being able to ask questions about myself and get honest answers without my ego getting in the way was amazing. Since I hadn't seen a doctor in ten years, I received a body scan that found cancer cells resulting from a fear I learned from childhood. I made sense of unexplained symptoms, was able to release the fear and was instantly healed! The day after my session everything just clicked. Reasons why I had certain habits and resistance became so clear to me. 


Noam was an excellent facilitator for the whole process and is still assisting me now. The growth I'm experiencing is remarkable. Truly Grateful.


Dion Jagroo

Miami, FL

Recently, I was divinely guided to meet Noam through a dear friend and associate. It was perfect timing as I had just asked the universe for an experience like this! (past life regression, to look at repeating energetic patterns & relationships perhaps?;)


From the first phone call, I knew it was meant to be, that I was in good hands & was excited to have my experience. My session the following week was simply amazing & profound! Most notably, the fact that I saw the evolution of my soul through many lifetimes validating the choices I've made to be in this one & continue to make... and feeling a deeper sense of peace, surrender, trust & faith in myself, creator & life as it is SO much bigger than this!!! 


Noam is an amazing channel, be-ing, facilitator & guide. I highly recommend him & this work to anyone who is attracted and drawn. Thank you Noam for a life-affirming, remembering, re-alignment & overall unforgettable, amazing experience! 


With infinite love & blessings always, 


Lesli Love

Miami, FL

I believe in Divine Timing and it wasn't an accident that I connected with Noam on FB to discover and experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. The session that I received was amazing in so many ways, supporting me in deepening my connection to my higher self and Spirit!


The information that poured through was profound and life altering, healing wounds from this life and past lives that have kept me a prisoner. I am forever grateful to Noam for leading me on this spiritual journey. This new found FREEdom has already created openings and pathways to a higher level of self awareness and understanding. 


Many Blessings to you Noam! 


Thank you!


Vanessa Littlefield

Orlando, FL

After a couple of weeks after processing our Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session together, I brought myself to tell you how much a session with you could change someone’s perspective in life.


I have found that my worries, doubts, concerns, fears, anxieties and uncertainties have disappeared. It’s like there is peace within me and its all going to be alright.


What I have been paying for to get healing from others all these years… I found that the healer is within ourselves and we just needed a connector such as you (Noam) to help guide us there, back to our source, our connection and our light.


Going back in time, put my reality on a different plane of existence, now that I WAS ABLE TO SEE HOW I WAS PART OF IT, AND I STILL AM PART OF IT, How my current life’s beliefs and value system is still connected to my past... then to release and let it go...What healing!

Talking to my soul was beyond….. Being a skeptic…….even after the session, it was challenging for me to grasp that it was me. I had the answers all along…. Needed to get deep enough to get there. 


Noam helps bring you there. Noam a natural at this modality.

I highly recommend receiving a session with him. He Guides you all along the way. (literally). 


Thank You,


Sheri Kaplan

Hallandale Beach, FL

I recently had a QHHT session with Noam and it was an experience I appreciate and will always reflect on. Tapping into the higher self is an amazing experience that's unique to everyone. You will learn about who you truly are as you explore your own life journeys. We all search to find ourselves only to end up finding that the answers are within us and have always been.


I wasn't sure what to expect in my session, but I knew I wanted to get to the root of a few blocks in my life. Noam was very patient with me and he brings you into a space of "no judgement." He worked with me to explore past lives and I think that helped me to release a lot of pain and hurt that my body was holding on to.


I'm grateful to Noam for his service to myself and others who are seeking answers in this lifetime. You've definitely helped me to reach higher, grow and connect the pieces of the puzzle of this experience we call life. 


Thank you,



New York, NY

I was recently blessed to experience a Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy session with Noam, and my life has been changed forever. There is nothing like feeling your higher-self moving through your body, mind, and soul as it heals the damage that I had built up by being human. It was very special for me to know that my highest self was interested in helping me to live in a better way. 


I have been on the spiritual path for many years now, and in that I have experienced many breakthroughs and ah ha moments, but they all came with a downside. Because at the end of the session I would still be sitting with the same patterns of behavior that I had before the session. I would feel amazing while I was still in the energy of the healing session, but soon I would be faced with my “normal” life. My energy level would drop, and whatever old patterns of behavior I had prior to seeking healing would resurface. Don’t get me wrong, receiving healing at the hands of others can be a very powerful and transformative experience. I speak from experience since I am a healer myself. 


But there is something unique, and deeper, about surrendering your healing process to Source and witnessing as lifetimes worth of distortions vanish for good. In 5 hours with Noam I received 30 years of understanding, and 100 years of healing. It was very powerful stuff, and I still haven’t completely processed all of it. 


I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is looking for high level healing, the answer to questions, their life’s purpose, or a clearer view of who they really are. You will not regret it. I certainly haven’t.




Jai-el Sire

Davie, FL

My QHHT session with Noam was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.


I won’t go into specifics about how it all came to be, but suffice to say that it was the majestic force of life and being that brought Noam and QHHT into my world. I live with a disability and have been trying for years—18, to be exact—to find what I need to heal, both emotionally and physically. I felt very much at a loss when these shining lights came into my life.


Noam is an extraordinary person. He, simply being who he is, generates the atmosphere necessary for healing. I believe that the session became what it was because of his enthusiasm and trust and patience and, ultimately, his gift of presence.


Since I had met Noam only once before, it was necessary that I share with him details of my life history that could surface during the hypnosis. We talked for close to three hours and, together, came up with questions that he would ask my Subconscious, or Higher Self, during the session.

Before hypnosis, Noam channeled an inspiring message, which I know only enhanced the entire experience by flooding it with wisdom and love and light. He then went through the process of hypnotizing me. What followed was full of such pure love. I saw past lives, felt such emotion, and recognized what I was capable of in this lifetime. I was taken to the moments after my birth in this lifetime (for reasons that I only now am beginning to understand). Eye-opening in so many ways...


And then my Higher Self came through. Questions were answered, vital information was given, emotional healing took place, physical healing occurred. Physical healing occurred!

My Higher Self noted the parts of my body that needed healing and, if they were ready for and resonant with healing vibrations, physical healing occurred. Even more incredibly…I was given information that I need to complete the healing process. I learned that there are some things that I set out to do and discover in this lifetime that my soul requires for growth; once I accomplish those things, physical transformation can and will take place.


Upon awakening from hypnosis, I learned that I had been hypnotized for 3-1/2 hours. I was shocked; it seemed as though very little time had passed. Three-and-a-half hours...a testament to Noam’s patience, to his fortitude, and to his sole objectives of supporting the patient and facilitating his or her healing.

I am so grateful to Noam and QHHT. I would recommend Noam without reservation...he is a true healer and lightworker.



Delray Beach, FL

I was fortunate enough to take part in a past life session with Noam, it was something I have always wanted to do and it seemed to be the perfect time for it because I had already put many of my past issues behind me and was ready to close the door to my past and live only in the now. The beautiful realization about the session I had was that I was an observer of my past and could see how those lives taught me something and had contributed to person I am today, I observed these lives from a place of being with no judgment and because of that the experience benefited me in more ways than I would have imagined.


I had no expectations of what the session would be like, Noam patiently informed me of what may happen, so as we started I felt at peace and safe enough to embark on a journey of time. I was having much trouble seeing images in my mind’s eye, but as I struggled to see them, I felt the very strong and insistent voices of my guides who wanted to channel through me the details of my past lives so this is how it came to be that for two hours Noam guided me through 3 past lives. I had an instant understanding that each of the lives I experienced contributed to who I am today, they each had a purpose mostly to teach me or someone else who lived with me in that lifetime. My guides were very vocal in bringing to light the connection of my past lives to my current one; this was very helpful to me as my intention at this point of my life is to be awake to my higher vibration and my higher purpose.


After experiencing the past lives Noam presented the questions to my guides that I had given him before we started the session. I have to say this was very powerful and the insights that came through will be very helpful to me as I evolve. Noam asked my guides and my higher self for help in healing some health issues, one of them was my very poor eyesight. I will need to confirm this with an eye exam, but since my session my glasses are just not working for me as if the eyes wearing them have changed and the prescription does not suit them any longer.

Although the session itself was very powerful and life changing, I continued to feel the effects of it that night and the next day. It’s as if things were clearer to me and I had walked out of a fog. The next evening I attended a Reiki session and in my meditation surprisingly I was taken to a past life, but not like the previous session my third eye was so clear and so vivid I literally felt that I was living that life again for that time. I was taken to a European town probably in Revolutionary time, I was a man standing on scaffolding and speaking to a crowd of people, beside me were the people I was trying to convince the crowd to behead. I was very convincing and my words had the crowds cheering and demanding the death of the people standing on the scaffolding with me. The people were beheaded one by one and afterwards I looked into the buckets holding their heads and immediately recognized the face of someone I loved deeply in this life. Yes this was devastating and I was able to see that in that lifetime I had immediately felt the remorse of what I had done and realized how I had maliciously used my words to harm others..In this lifetime I have had an issue with speaking my own truth and using my voice for my best and highest good…seeing this life play out in front of me was so necessary to my growth I immediately understood why it was shown to me so vividly.


Since my session with Noam my channels to knowing have become more open and my heart voice is leading me to read books that I had put aside already and I feel more compassion for myself and a greater admiration of how much I have lived through to reach this point of my evolution. This experience changed my life…


Thank you Noam!



Hollywood, FL

I started off on an island that had a shallow ocean. There was a mountain on the island and a small house on the ocean. I was directed to leave and begin journeying into a past life through some direction.


I was transported to a desert where I was a man in robes and a camel heading towards Israel. I was a crystal merchant, selling crystals and sharing the knowledge of them. I was coming from Egypt and traveling through the desert.


I eventually made my way to a city the feeling fast forwarded and there were now soldiers going to each home looking for me. They eventually found me and killed the people housing me and my self. The reason for my death was the sharing of sacred knowledge of crystals to others. I cried seeing this death because they brutally killed the family.


Next I was transported to another life. I was riding a horse in what seemed to be medieval times. I had armor on, and a helmet. I was delivering a message to the queen of a castle. Upon arrival I instantly knew who she was in this current life time. I laughed. She was wearing a corset and in full queen like gear. I handed her the message, she smiled and we kissed. Cut scene to the queen taking me to her bedroom. I was a spy for her and secretly her lover.


My task was to spy on Spain for her. Fast forwarding the regression I was then under a guillotine. I had been found out to be a spy for the queen. 


I was not afraid of death because I knew what my purpose was to assist the queen that life time.

Next life I was transported somewhere where I could choose the life I wanted to live next and it was the life of a Black slave. This life was cut very short and I came down with a close friend in my current life time with.


After this was a series of questions for my own self growth as to why I was shown these lives. I know why and I know now how I must approach certain things.

It was overall a pretty good experience and I will be trying it some more.


There is much more, but...I will be writing about that in my book.


David Rodriguez

Miami, FL

I had reached a point of wholehearted readiness to dive into the unknown with the intention of healing my system.   Since I was a young girl, painful and debilitating symptoms such as muscle inflammation and chronic fatigue had appeared in my reality.  I wondered day and night ~ What more can I do to be truly healthy and thrive?!  I lived a pure lifestyle. I had tried nearly every holistic modality and tool available.  Yet, my physical condition remained frustratingly poor.  I finally realized that it was imperative to address past traumas and energetic blockages in order to heal on the highest level of my existence.  As an admirer of Dolores Cannon's work, I resonated with her hypnosis technique as something that could effectively assist me in areas where I could not seem to help myself.  I felt a strong connection with Noam, who is certified via the Dolores Cannon training program.


My divine ocean was at high tide when Noam Ben-Arie crossed paths with me.  I had been walking along the shore of vitality, observing the waves crash endlessly.   I was anxious to be cleansed by the healing waters of my inner being, yet very much wanted to know that there was a 'life guard' nearby who would make sure I did not drown if I submerged myself completely.  Noam was the life guard who guided me safely and gently into the depths.  As my Quantum Healing Hypnosis facilitator, he assured me that I would return to the familiar terrain of my consciousness with greater clarity.  By the time our session took place, I was comfortable in Noam's presence and had no anxiety or expectancy whatsoever.  Over the course of a few hours, I was able to receive important messages of wisdom & guidance and experience profound healing.  In the days that followed, I felt significantly lighter.  It is now a few weeks later and I feel better than ever before.  The physical challenges I endured for most of my life are practically non-existent!  


I am grateful for Noam's professionalism, attentiveness, and dedication to my well being.  He truly cares about humanity and helping individuals live in their most natural state ~ which is peace, health, and joy.  I recommend Noam Ben-Arie to every seeker of truth.  The answers we've been searching for are within.  My deepest appreciation to Noam for providing a glorious opportunity for me to reunite . . . with myself.


~ H. Lynn,

South Florida

Wow, what an amazing experience Friday, absolutely amazing!

I wanted to wait a couple of days before I gave you a report on my progress. Well, I am feeling totally energized, centered and ready for whatever is to come. I am in such a good place.  The euphoria continues…beautiful, beautiful. 


I had lunch today with a few of my good friends and, of course, had to share a couple of past life experiences with them. I shed tears of joy again when describing some of the scenes.  This was so powerful. 


I am already experiencing noticeable physical changes. The inflammation is so much less. My joints feel like they did 10 years ago. I am holding the intention this will continue…yes, it will. Fabulous. Although I was not ready for an instant healing with the PSA issue, I KNOW now that regardless of what the numbers show, I am OK. I am absolutely certain of this now.


Your work is so powerful. You put so much into the session. You were completely present with me and so beautifully honored the extraordinary gifts you have been blessed with to do this work. I was not joking at dinner when I said in the future I will be able to say with so much appreciation “Oh yes, I know Noam and I shared a Reuben sandwich with him at dinner”.


What amazing work you are already doing.  And to think, this is only the beginning.  You are a blessing to all. Excitedly I am thinking about all the souls whose journey will be accelerated because of your work.   


Thank you God that Noam is in my life.




David Karg

Naples, FL

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