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Noam Ben­Arie receives clear and direct messages from the Higher Consciousnessand , has been sensitive to energy since childhood...

What began as a hobby eventually grew into his greatest strength as a Conscious channel. This led him on an incredible journey of self -realization shaping his personal life and career path. In the process of honoring the omnipresent consciousness that flows through him, his gifts and offerings to the world became crystal clear
When he channels, his portals of consciousness are open to all energies that, need to come through for the purpose of serving the highest good of whomever seeks his counsel. A group of wise and loving Master Teachers coalesce with Noam from the nonphysical planes, helping him teach humanity how to raise vibration and expand consciousness. Noam allows the pure and loving influence of his Guides to lead each session. Often what the client needs is known and addressed prior to any questions being asked. Information comes through in a way that is perfectly expressed and understood. Many times, Noam channels other people’s guides, as well as benevolent extraterrestrials and Source Consciousness.
Noam’s heartfelt devotion to individual and collective evolution is the focus of his work. He is honored to help people tap into their truth and remember. Who They Are


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For inquiries or to book a private reading please contact Noam directly.

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