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*Eat lightly prior to your session and have a snack ready to ground yourself afterwards.

*Please print out and use as a checklist

Prepping for a QHHT Session

Refrain from caffeine, alcohol, or drugs prior to your session 
If you regularly drink coffee, stick to the minimal intake possible the morning of.
Affirm, intend and repeat your intentions prior to your session.
*Example: “I receive clear guidance from my Higher Self.”
"I connect easily and directly with my Higher Self"
pertain to health, spiritual purpose, relationships, past trauma, family,
Write your questions in order of importance prior to your session. Questions can
childhood, career, or anything important to you, which you wish to know more about. 
*Example: "Why do I have a pain in my back? Why do I always get in my own way? Etc..."
Remain calm and relaxed prior to your session.
*Meditating or going on a walk are great ways to clear the mind and
release stress from the  body.
Clear your schedule for the day of my session.
*Make sure that relaxation is your priority on this day. Avoid intense physical or mental 
activity. Best thing to do after a session is to go home and relax, try not to plan anything
after our  session. 
Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes during your session
Create a quiet and private space for your session, devoid of distractions such as pets,
kids, phone calls, etc.
*Only if Noam is coming to you, otherwise a quiet space will be provided.

Important Notes

exercises. Then I will gently guide you into the hypnosis session where by we explore the 
and unknown amount of time while also practicing simple breathing and visualization
*Sessions can span from 4 to 6 hours or longer. First, we will  speak for an unrushed
make sure you are totally grounded and awake, and discuss your experience. You may
your Higher Self. Afterwards, I will guide you back to your normal state of consciousness,
most appropriate time and place designated and chosen by you and communicate with
weeks ahead, listening to the audio will reinforce highly insightful and healing wisdom 
part of the healing process, even if you think you remember the entire experience. In the
to listen to often. This will be emailed to you the following day. This is an important  
I will provide you a digital recording (MP3 file) of your session which you are encouraged
feel as though you have just had a vivid daydream or returned from a profound journey.
needed by you.
about your life. Stay in a positive mindset and trust in the process to bring to you what is