and the subject of mentoring came out of me like a waterfall.

Since then, I have developed curriculum on the subject that has went all over the world in colleges, leadership conferences, publications and churches.

 No matter who I hear approach the subject, I understand mentoring like few others in my generation do.

It has also taken me the bulk of those 25 years to get to the other side of everything that mentoring is, and is not.


 I just get it; the idea, the science, the variety of applications, the most intricate of nuances…it is as natural of a subject to me as breathing.


 Mentors are those who can see what you cannot see. They have been to a place in life you are going to. Some days they have been to where you don’t want to go to, and are the only ones who can save you from going there.

Mentors are architects, strategists, bottom line thinkers; they are not motivational speakers and likely not cheerleaders either. They are not self-preserved within the politically correct grey. They are teachers who can be as insightful as they can be ruthless, who will fight for you as long as you will fight for yourself.

If you are full of your own delusion, then they will say it; if you get mad and don’t send them a Christmas card, their life will still not skip a beat. A mentor’s life does not change when you arrive and it does not fall apart when you leave. They exist to teach and impart to the hungry, not the needy.

 There is no handholding; mentors offer access, they do not chase. If you want help, then you embrace the access.  You can even disagree with them; you just can’t devalue them.


A good mentor actually wants you to find your own bravado of independent thought. You being a “Yes person” or sounding like an alter ego of someone else, is a huge turn-off.


 Mentoring is also non-judgmental; it is a safe-place for the vulnerabilities and missteps that we try to bury deep behind the impressive window-display of how we want the world to view us. It is the insight for the biggest leaps we’ve ever taken, and the drawing board for the biggest setbacks we have ever had to dig our way out of.


 There is no fixing you, transforming you or qualifying you; it is simply freeing you to embrace your truest self as the starting place for you living your most audacious life.

So for the first time I am opening a window of access to the purest form of mentoring I believe in, which is one on one straightforward connection.
It’s called the MENTORING THIRTY for 30.

 This may be once a month for you, or once a week. You decide. It’s $30 for thirty-minutes. You need more that 30 minutes at any given time, then you just pay extra for what you need. No contracts, and nothing overwhelming like you just applied for a semester at Harvard.

You can even include a spouse/life partner in the same sessions at no additional charge.

 Just straightforward no bullshit strategy combined with absolute confidentiality and anonymity
(unless of course a crime is being committed).


 We can do Skype, Facetime (Apple) or phone.

 Payment is by visa/mastercard or paypal and is due per session. For the real serious client, you can even fly me to where you are for the day.
(slightly more than $30)


 When you complete the brief questionnaire, you will understand how we get started.


 I want you to be one of the FIRST 30 that take advantage of this. I want to help you live your most enlightened and un-obstructed life NOW! Don’t wait. jK