It’s like having me in your living room. Actually, it can be at your church, your compnay or coproate event, your business, your leadership gatherings or your college classroom.


I have taught personal leadership, community activism and life transition on big stages and for big corporations such as Best Buy and at symposiums such as The World Convocation in Minneapolis. I have also taught at the small business conference room and in classroom settings for numerous learning institutions.


 And yes, I even do living rooms, if there is a group that would just like to fly me in and host a gathering for a day.
(you don’t even need a big group)


\ Simply click the Get Started Button below and list any of the important who, what, when, where and how details of your event and then click “Submit” and I will respond quickly.

Fees are as workable as possible, and are subject to the specific event requested. All requests and or fees must include one (1) regular coach class airfare, plus hotel and meals for the duration of the stay in addition to agreed upon honorarium.

We connect, we learn, we share and then we give something back to solve community problems that will empower
all people’s way of life.