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Mint Property Management is here to assist both local and foreign property owners in managing and maintaining their co-op or condo units in the Orlando, Florida area.


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Live, work, and play in this dynamic neighborhood that has it all- from museums and shops, to music and nightspots.  This is where to look for Downtown luxury...

Upper West Side

Culture, entertainment and shopping live in harmony in your New York City apartment on the Upper West Side - one of New York's...

Midtown East

Our Midtown East Luxury New York City apartments are in a historic neighborhood, surrounded by culture, entertainment, dining, shopping, and business...

Having a co-op or condo unit as an investment in New York City requires a lot of work, time and energy that many property owners simply do not have. It is especially difficult, or otherwise impossible, if that owner does not live locally. With the recent dramatic increase in purchases made by foreign investors, it is important that they have a go-to company that is ready to service all of their real estate management needs. Mint is the company that is going to make the role of property owner easy. It has a list of highly qualified professionals and resources that are readily available and accessible. So while property owners are busy taking care of their own businesses, or are out of town or overseas (and even while they're here visiting), they can rest assured knowing that StoreyLand is handling anything and everything for their property in their absence.

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