At LA's Best, we're committed to maintaining our status as one of the top Los Angeles cleaning companies, serving both residential and commercial clients.


But we believe there's more to life than providing top quality upholstery, rug, mattress and floor cleaning services throughout the LA area. We feel it's important to support charitable organizations and other worthy causes in our community.


LA's Best founder Vic Haines is an avid pet lover, nature lover and animal advocate who firmly believes that it's essential to give back whenever possible. So our company goes the extra mile to support local organizations and groups that support animals in need, including:


  • Red Rover

  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

  • The Animal Legal Defense Fund

  • The Anti-Cruelty Society

At LA's Best, we make a contribution to one of these wonderful organizations every time you utilize our services.


“I've been rescuing unwanted senior dogs for many years,” Haines explained, adding,“People often overlook these wonderful souls, just because they've lost their puppy charm. Sadly, these senior dogs are much more likely to be overlooked in a shelter setting and many are ultimately euthanized. It's heartbreaking to think of these dogs, who've been faithful companions for many years; but due to some change in circumstance, they end up homeless and unwanted.”


He continued, “I work to help these animals, so they can enjoy their golden years in aloving home. I also believe it's important to contribute to animal welfare and advocacy organizations that help other innocent and voiceless animals in need. So when you work with our company, you're supporting these wonderful humane organizations too.”

Pet-Friendly Floor Cleaning Services and Beyond


As pet lovers, the team at LA's Best is also very familiar with the challenges that pet owners face when cleaning their carpets, floors, mattresses and upholstery.


Pet owners often require deep cleaning carpet shampooing to remove stains and pet odors. If your cat or dog has fleas, a thorough carpet and floor cleaning is an essential flea control measure, as flea eggs and larvae do not stick to the fur; they fall off on your upholstery, mattress, floors and rugs. This means that in order to get rid of fleas, you need to treat not just your pets but your entire home and that's precisely where LA's Best cleaning services can assist!


In addition, pet dander and fur can cause respiratory upset and indoor air pollution, but that's where our home floor cleaning services can help. We'll also clean your furniture upholstery and mattresses to thoroughly remove these and other allergens.


If you require assistance cleaning floors, upholstery, rugs and carpeting at your home, office or other business, we invite you to contact the friendly team here at LA's Best! We're happy to provide you with a price quote and we'll even clean a 10-by-10-footsection of your home or business so you can sample our services before you commit to a full floor cleaning.


Call the team at LA's Best today at at 1-844-LA'S BEST (1-844-527-2378).