What Makes A Body Better?


What changes have to be made to your body for it to be improved upon? If you ask that question to ten different people, odds are you'll receive ten different answers. And as long as those people truly believe their answers, they are all correct. What makes a body better is defined by the sole discretion of its owner.


To the physique competitors posing and flexing under those bright lights, a better body means a body like an anatomy chart with muscles that are as large, symmetrical, and defined as humanly possible. That perception of a better body is a far cry from that of the tennis player's, who most likely considers a better body to be one that is lean, fast and agile.


A body that helps her win set after set. It's an even further cry from that of the retired college professor, who's idea of a better body may simply be one that looks more like it did ten or twenty years ago. So next time you hear the term "bodybuilder", hopefully you won't limit your thoughts to bottles of baby oil and posing briefs. The concept of the bodybuilder is much deeper and far-reaching than that. And if you look closely, you'll see that bodybuilders are everywhere.